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Our Name has changed - we are now St. Gregory the Great Community.
The purchas of the new building went very well. - You now own a chruch.

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There is a new Article on Reparation for Slavery
St. John XXIII now has a new name - we are now St. Gregory the Great Community
St. Gregory the Great will have its own web site soon. I will redirect you there when it is ready.
Fr. Jeffrey Robideau
Pastor & Hermit
Miscellaneous Information:

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Fr. Jeffrey Robideau is the youngest of 7 children. He graduated from U of M with a BS in Computer Science in 1989. He went right into seminary and graduated from Sacred Heart Major Seminary in 1997. Fr. Robideau was then ordained a priest for the Diocese of Lansing in 1997.

He has held several jobs, including: Gas attendant, grocery clerk, chief of maintenance, manager and construction.

He has had many different hobbies over the years, including: Roller skating, hiking, bakbacking,camping, glass etching, cheramics, coin collecting, skydiving, scubadiving, wood working, horseback riding to name a few.

Father has given several retreats and conferences. He has spoken along side many great speakers such as Fr. John Hardon, S.J.. H has spoken or been invited to speak in several states and countries. He has also worked extensivly with several Secular Order Carmelite communities with whom he has a special affection.

He feels a special attraction to the study of spirituality and mystical theology. But it is not just knowledge to him. He takes this area of study to heart as he has taken up the lofty goal to "get holy" himself.


He is currently assigned as cahplin to the St. John XXIII Community in Lansing, MI. SJ23 is dedicated to serving the needs of those who prefer the traditional latin Mass. Father is the founder of this community as Bishop Boyea asked him to open and build this community from scratch.

Father was granted permision to begin the discernment process to become a Diocesan Hermit for the the Diocese of Lansing by Bishop Boyea in 2014. As a hermit, Father is dedicated to the spirit of ora et labora (prayer and work) and penance. He lives this life of solitude with God on a 20 acre farm called Saintly Acres.

Explenation of the Coat of Arms

- The Cross with a crown recognizes that Jesus is our King, Lord and Savior.

- The M recognizes Mary and her role as mother in our spiritual life. The M is in the background behind the cross to recognize her humility.

- The Crown over the M recognizes Mary as our Queen and is the same style of crown as the one over the cross to recognize that all authority must share in the kingship of Jesus.

- The hammer recognizes St. Joseph the Worker, a special saint to Fr. Robideau and his family.

- The sword recognizes that we are soldiers for Christ. The sword points down to remember that we are talking about a spiritual combat.

- The flame recognizes the passion and zeal that is necessary in the spiritual life.

- The flame crosses over the sword to recognize tempering (strengthening) and purification that is necessary in the spiritual life.

- The hat and single tassel on either side is the Church's symbol to recognize the priesthood.