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St. John XXIII now has a new name - we are now St. Gregory the Great Community
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These articles are writen by Fr. Robideau, Hermit for the Diocese of Lansing

The purpose of these articls is to address certain happenings in the world by looking at them
from the perspective of the Catholic Faith. They should be read from the perspective of
Catholic Faith & morals even if some content seems to be of a political nature.
It is always the right of the Church and every American citizen to speak freely on matters
of Faith and morals even if they correspond with political issues.

And there was no one there left to help me

Have you ever heard the story about the man who stood by and did nothing? It seems that the enemy came and took the Jews and he did nothing, because he was not a Jew. The enemy then came and took the Baptist and he did nothing, he was not a Baptist. The enemy then came and took the Methodist and again he did nothing for he was not Methodist. The enemy came and took others with the same response. Then they came for him and there was no one left to help him.

Is this the fate of Christians in the US? The government and special interest groups are taking our rights and freedoms away from us one by one. It seems that we let them. We keep voting them back into office. Are we nuts or what? By the time they are finished, we will want to cry out, “fowl play,” but there will be no policy, no law and no Constitution left that we will be able to defend ourselves with. We will be standing there all alone, defenseless with no one to help us.

Obama says that, “whatever we used to be, we are not a Christian nation.” Is he right? Have we abandoned the Christian principals this country was founded upon? The very principals that built this country and allowed us to achieve the greatness that we have?

The liberals and modernist have used and abused our own faith against us. They use ideas that sound Christ like, but are not. They impose them on us and we cave under the weight of being call harsh, cruel, rigid, insensitive and uncaring. They tell us we need to be tolerant. Tolerance sound good and Christian, but tolerance does not mean silent and cowardly.

The question is “Tolerant of what?” They want us to be tolerant of their evil, unchristian ways. They want us to cave on our fundamental moral principals of faith. They want us to say “you’re OK , I’m OK.” The problem is that they are not OK.

They want us to be tolerant of evil and not judge. Judge not lest ye be judged after all. Can you tell me one place where Jesus tolerated evil? He did not. He forgave evil and challenged people to stop doing evil. Jesus did not say “you’re OK, I’m OK.” And as to judging, it means that we cannot judge whether someone is saved or not. We can judge behavior according to the standards that God gave us. We can judge according to the 10 commandments and the golden rule. These are set by God and not by man. This way we are not imposing our own morality on others. Again, we have a judicial system with this person at the bench called a judge and we expect that person to judge the actions of the accused. Not according to individual dictates, preference or feelings, but according to the law that they have sworn to uphold.

In baptism, we have sworn to uphold the law of God. We are called to judge the behaviors of others as well as our self according to this law and no other. It becomes even more interesting when we consider the fact that they tell us we cannot judge and yet what have they done to us? They have declared (judged) that we are harsh, cruel, rigid, insensitive and uncaring. They have ruled that we are imposing our faith on them and that we are outmoded and old fashioned. How is it that it is OK for them but not for us? They are the ones who said were both OK after all.

Do not be silenced by the world. Stand and live the faith. This will develop, deepen and strengthen your moral and spiritual life and help you grow closer to God. We are called to be apostles, messengers of God. If we do not do this then we fail God, we fail our country, we fail our neighbor and we fail our selves. Failure is not an option. We are called to build the kingdom of God on earth according to His great standard.

We must defend each other or there will be no one left to defend us. Evil will win. By standing together we are made strong and will be a force to be reckoned with. We will be able to bring the world into submission to our Lord Jesus Christ, our savior and our King.