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News & Articles

These articles are writen by Fr. Robideau, Hermit for the Diocese of Lansing

The purpose of these articls is to address certain happenings in the world by looking at them
from the perspective of the Catholic Faith. They should be read from the perspective of
Catholic Faith & morals even if some content seems to be of a political nature.
It is always the right of the Church and every American citizen to speak freely on matters
of Faith and morals even if they correspond with political issues.

Truth or Morality – Is It Really A Choice?

I heard a news piece on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a democrat and socialist from New York the other day. I was sure I heard her wrong, but then I just read a news piece on the incident. I heard her correctly. In short, she said that people were too focused on being factually accurate and not focused enough on being morally right.

This leads me to the question of weather there is a real dichotomy between facts and morality or do they fit together somehow?

To answer the question was actually really easy. I simply looked at the following examples:

  • Putting someone in prison is morally right if in fact they broke the law.
  • Arresting someone for illegal entry is morally right if in fact they came in illegally.
  • Calling someone an illegal alien is morally right if in fact they came in illegally.
  • Protecting our country and our boarders is morally right if in fact the current residents/citizens have the right to safety and security.
  • A wall is morally right if in fact it will stop or slowdown the illegal crossings.
  • Lowering taxes is morally right if in fact they are taxed too much.
  • A balanced budget is morally right if in fact over spending and putting our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren… in debt is an evil.
  • Equal application of the law to everyone is morally right if in fact everyone is subject to the law.
  • Speaking the truth about people is morally right if in fact people have the right to their reputation.
  • Not bringing up faults charges against people is morally right if in fact people have the right to justice.
  • Working to take care of yourself is morally right if in fact people have an obligation to take care of themselves to the extent they are able.
  • Not giving someone welfare is morally right if in fact they can work for themselves.
  • Not taking a man’s hard earned money away from him and giving to someone who did not earn it is morally right if in fact a man has the duty and the right to provide for his own family, care for them and to leave them a little something when he dies.
  • A person in authority making a decision for others is morally right if in fact their decision is made form pure intentions, based in truth and facts and motivated by doing what is good for all the people.
  • Not being a socialist is morally good if in fact socialism is an evil, takes people’s money and their freedom and robs people of incentive.

And I could keep going.

You see, when you have the facts wrong, and try to make decisions based on feelings, preferences and political motivations, you will not be acting morally right. Rather you will be acting selfishly and with evil intent for which you are morally accountable before God and man.