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My appologies...
If you have trided to email Fr. Robideau or St. John XXIII Community using the contact page, please know that it did not work.
I have not been ignoring your emails. I am sorry for the inconvience.
If you want to contact us, please use the email
Thank you.

Welcome to Saintly Acres

Saintly Acres is a 20 acre hobby farm where I live as a diocesan hermit for the Diocese of Lasing, Mi.. What is a diocesan hermit?  They are like a monk, but rather than living in community with other monks, a hermit lives in solitude. We do the same as monks in that we live our life in the spirit of work and prayer. A diocesan hermit is under the authority of the local bishop. For me, that is Bishop Earl Boyea of the diocese of Lansing.

January 2017 begins my 3rd year of novitiate. It was only supposed to be two years, but I asked the Bishop for an extension. All is fine. I still believe that I am on the right track in becoming a hermit. I am just hitting to bit of a snag on the building of the hermitage (house). The financial end of this project has not come together yet.

When I take my next step of temporary promises for 5 years, I will have to make the promise of poverty. I do not want to make that promise until I know that I can keep it. That means I have to make the finances work on this project and have it established before I make my temporary promises.

Please pray for me in this upcoming year of 2017 and I will keep you in mine as well.

Please be sure to read my magazine, Heroic Virtue. In it you will find spiritual advice and other information.