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We are praying in front of Planned Parenthood on Wednesday at 9 am during Lent. Please try to join us.

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My Rule of life is now available to view - Go to Rule of life page under Saintly Acres

Welcome to Saintly Acres

Saintly Acres is a 20 acre hobby farm where I live as a diocesan hermit for the Diocese of Lasing, Mi.. What is a diocesan hermit?  They are like a monk, but rather than living in community with other monks, a hermit lives in solitude. We do the same as monks in that we live our life in the spirit of work and prayer. A diocesan hermit is under the authority of the local bishop. For me, that is Bishop Earl Boyea of the diocese of Lansing.

I took my Temporary Promises on January 17, 2019. These promises are for 5 years. At that time, if both the Bishop and I agree that this is where God wants me, then I will make my Final Promises which are for the rest of my life.

Everything is going well for me. I built my hermitage (house) over the last two years. It is not finished, but it is livable. I will work on the rest of the missalainious construction over the next few years as funds are available.

My Rule of Life is not offical and so is available for you to look at on the Rule of Life page.

On the Hermit at Prayer page, you will find my daily prayer book with all my daily intercessions.