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I am sorry I have been away for awhile.

A lot has been going on over the last year and a half. As you can imagine, I am talking about COVID 19. So let me catch you up.

I am well. I never put a mask on. I never social distanced. I never got sick. 

Just as the Covid hit in March 2020, my parish opened it’s new church. We never closed. We never masked. We never social distanced. All are well. I had zero funerals. Only a few got a little sick.

That being said, My parish grew at an amazing rate. I was no longer able to live in Leslie (30 minutes away). I was having to make 2 and 3 trips to Lansing to meet the needs of the growing parish. That is an hour round trip each time. That was not going to work if I was going to be a hermit. So I moved to Lansing. I am now just around the corner from the church. I must say it has been a difficult transition to the city. I am a county boy, not a city dweller. It is never dark and there is never peace and quiet. Oh well, it is all for the Lord and the love of His people. We do what we have to do. 

Living has changed a little as it pertains to the Ora et Labora. The prayer stays the same and much of the practical matters are fine. The labora (work) though has had to change. I no longer have the farm to work. The good news is that God provides. The new church, even though it has grown, still cannot afford any employees. I’m it. When we were in the chapel of the cathedral, I was the secretary, accountant, RE director and priest. We did not need a janitor,  maintenance or grounds keeper as the cathedral took care of all that. Now I take on those roles as well. That gives me my manual labor for my labora

With everything going on, it has interfered with my living as a hermit. I am reworking some things to see if it will still all fit together. For this reason, I have taken down the financial support, Purgatory Society, and Prayer Association pages. I do not want to take any funds under faults presence.

For those whose names have been added to the Purgatory Society and Prayer Association, I am still standing by my promise that they will be remembered in my daily prayers and daily Mass for the life of Saintly Acres.

For those who have contributed financially, again, thank you very much. Please know that all funds have been used properly and that there are only a few funds left which will also be used properly.

I am not willing to take any new donations until I get a balance back to my life as a hermit and have taken final promises (still scheduled for 2024 if God continues to call me to this life). 

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