Past the Time to Leave


In light of the Pennsylvania grand jury document released this week, I have been asked questions. Some of the questions have to do with the particulars the document reveals of the crimes that were committed. Other questions have to do with “how can this be true,” “how did this happen,” and “did they know?” And still other questions have to do with certain groups and organizations calling for the removal of all cardinals, bishops, and priests that were a part of this.

A major slap in the face is that these bishops still will not admit the problem and keep denying their sins and crimes. The problem is SODOMY (homosexuality). Do not be fooled by the lies propagated by the “politically correct” or better referred to as the Evil propagators of lies and deceit. They would have us believe that sodomy is just alternative life style and that it is a natural expression of a loving relationship. It is not. It is evil down to its very core. Do not be fooled further by all their LGBTabc and whatever other category they come up with. They are all part of the same intrinsic and objective disorder. They are all a perversion and denial of God’s Law. They are about being perverted in its worst and most disgusting understanding of the word. That is why they can all get along so well and stand together as a force against God fearing and loving people.

You can have no love of God and do these things or even support them. They are a denial of God. They are by their very nature a mortal sin. They are not in the State of Grace. They do not have the Holy Ghost, the very life of the soul in them. This is not a personal judgment on their eternal salvation. It is just an acknowledgment of their life choices (you will know them by their fruits). Mortal Sin bears rotten fruit. What fruits have these bishops and priests produced? Rotten fruits of sodomy, rape, child molestation (millstone around your neck?), lies, deceit, cover-ups, blackmail, collusion, fraud, pornography, heresy, sacrilege, scandal, and so, so much more.

With this being said how can we expect that these bishops and priest would teach truth or give us good liturgy. They do not have the vital principal of life and goodness in their soul. Without the grace of God, we quickly fall into further and worse sin, and they did.

First these bishops and priests rape the children and young men and then they rape the parishioners by spending their contributions to the church to pay off people for their silence or to pay off court settlements. I agree that the victims have a right to justice, but that justice is that these men go to prison or at minimum are removed from the priesthood and defrocked. They need to leave in complete and utter shame and disgrace.

So I agree. Each and every bishop should take his turn at the mic and answer the following questions:

1 – Are you a sodomite?

2 – Have you ever molested a child?

3 – Have you ever covered up for a cleric who molested a child?

If the answer is yes to any one of these 3 simple questions, then they need to do the honorable thing and steep down from the priesthood.

Let us remember that they have no rightful claim to the priesthood anyway. The Church has always taught that sodomites were not fit candidates for the priesthood. That means the only way they got into the priesthood is one of two ways:

The first is that they committed fraud. They lied. They knew they could not be a priest if they revealed that they were a sodomite so they lied about their sexuality. This is true even if they were never asked about their sexuality. They lied by presenting themselves as a suitable candidate for priesthood when they knew they were not.

The second is that they could say that the bishop or seminary knew that they were a sodomite and they had no problem with it. First, it was not their call to “not have a problem with it.” Their job was to follow the rules of the Church that says sodomites may not be priests. So now we have collusion. They conspired together to bring a sodomite into the priesthood.

In either case, the sodomite had no real claim to be a priest and now we see the wisdom in the Church banning them in the first place. Look at what they have done. Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting! No, not disgusting, EVIL!

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