The Good News In The Midst Of It All


It is a fact that there is a huge group of modernists in the Church today. They seem to even be the majority. Many of which I believe to be innocent. They were lied to by the powers that be and they accepted it. By accepting it, I know that there is an element that they are culpable. The truth is out there to be known if only they did a little research.

There are many though who are not innocent. They love the new teachings and follow them even though they know what the truth is. They just like and prefer the modernist ways. This way is also called in traditional theology as the path to hell.

There are then the many who are in power. They include popes, bishops, priests, deacons and lay people. They are at the head of it all and they are a powerful force. They hold many if not most of the current positions of power and influence in the Church today.

This makes it difficult for the rest of us, the remnant. I want to teach the truth. I try to teach the truth. I even have this blog as a way to do so. But what I hear back is well bishop so and so or Pope so and so says or I believe or I think…

Where is the desire for truth? It is there, I know. God planted it in every heart. That is why we will be culpable one day when we stand before the Judge and He asks why you did not believe? You just try that “well Father so and so said” crap on Him and see how far you get. I assure you, He will not be amused.

OK – so there are a lot of lies out there and we the remnant are the minority and have a long difficult battle ahead of us. The good news is how many of you find places like my blog or Fr. Z’s blog and many other good and wonderful sites out there. You find the GOOD books out there written before Vatican II that tell you the truths of the faith and morals. You stand up for the truth and you strive against so many obstacles to teach that truth to the world, to family and friends, many of which you lose because you tried.

Being Catholic, being faithful, can cost a lot. Jesus said it would. “If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.” So let me just give all you REAL Catholics out there a boost of moral. GOD LOVES YOU! I LOVE YOU! And I am sure we love each other in the spirit of Charity. We are not alone. There are many of us. We have the backing of God and all His grace, the Blessed Mother and the angels and saints to spur us on to victory. Be strong and courageous. Zeal is a virtue even though the world hates it. Stay true to your convictions, to your principals and to your values. That is to say, stay true to God.

Jesus said that if I were to remain silent, the rocks would speak out. The bishops and priests are to be Christ’s voice and since they have been silent, it is up to you, the rocks, to scream out. It does not matter what they say, so long as you speak the truth. And this is an important point. Be careful. Do not put forth opinion as the modernist do. Do not limit the faith to what you prefer or like as the modernist do. Stay true to the fullness of Faith, and the Catholic Church that contains the fullness of truth. Do not deviate and you will be on solid ground. This is what we must do. This is all that we ask of our leader to do. They do not have to be perfect in their personal moral lives. We are all weak and we all sin, but we do expect that they speak the truth. Weakness on this part is just pure selfishness and cowardice and a betrayal of God and His people.

May God bless you REAL CATHOLICS

You Modernist – Get a life, a life in Christ.

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