Violent and Disrespectful Protesters


First, let us be clear that the First Amendment of free speech applies to all Americans. All Americans have the right to voice truth, their opinions, their preferences and even their lies and deceit.

Unfortunately, there is a group called liberals or progressives that do not believe in the First Amendment as a right for all Americans. They speak of tolerance, but they only call others to be tolerant while they tote their own intolerance as righteous. If they were only intolerant, that would be one thing, but they are also violent and do things to deprive or interrupt other’s right to free speech.

The fact is they are acting with anything but righteousness.

They are acting from the point of greed and selfishness as they are part of a very unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship with the government.

A large part of these people are on the take from the government. They receive most of the benefits for free from the government that the rest of us have to work hard for. Working is a good and something that God calls us to. Scriptures says a lot on labor. It says by the sweet of your brow shall you earn your bread, by the work of your hands shall you eat, let those who do not work, not eat and that a man who does not provide for himself and his family is useless. This names but a few things scripture says on the importance and responsibility to work.

Scripture also speaks of helping the poor, the widow, the orphan and the disabled, but it does so from the perspective of charity, not government redistribution of wealth. It is the duty of all to help others in need, true enough. We are called to do so as individuals, to make a free and selfless sacrifice of our goods we have earned in the form of charity to help others.

We must further say that just because others are in need, does not mean that we have to help them. Jesus speaks of the five wise virgins who brought enough oil and the five foolish who did not. The five wise did not share their oil, as it would not then provide enough for their own needs. Withholding the oil is not a form of greed and these five wise virgins went into the wedding feast while the five foolish did not.

Scripture calls us to work and provide for ourselves to the extent that we are able. Only to the extent that we are not able to provide for ourselves are we to depend on the charity of others. No one has a responsibility to provide to others what they are or should be able to provide for themselves. Neglect, laziness, oversight and other excuses are no excuse.

We look at what we have today. People simply want what others have worked hard for. They vote and do violence as a way to force the government to act as their own personal thug to go to others and take what they possess under threat of prison or other harm and give to them. The politicians want their power and money and so they give the people what they want, even though they do not have the Constitutional right to do so. The people need the government to steal for them and the government needs the people to vote for them. This is an unhealthily and dysfunctional relationship.

That is why our founding fathers had the foresight to limit the power of the Federal Government with enumerated rights and leaving all other rights to the sates (10th Amendments). At the local level, people have more of a say in their lives. They do not have people form other states telling them what and how to do things. Each state is free to do things their own way according to their own needs. The needs and circumstances in one state are not the same as in another state and so solutions will be different. The Federal one size fits all law making process is unrealistic and harmful. That is why the Church teaches subsidiarity, do things at the lowest and most local level possible.

These liberals and progressives or whatever name they want to call themselves have no respect or love for mankind. They put forth their selfish motivated ideas as being loving and compassionate, but they are not. They are self serving. Their unreasonable, violent and disrespectful approach to getting their way says it all.

We do not see the conservative side resorting to the liberal tactics. We remain respectful and patient as we strive to work within the system to bring about change. We silence no one. We threaten no one. This is the Christian and loving way.

The conservative way is about being self motivated as God calls us to be. Each having the right to strive and to achieve according to their efforts and good choices. Some will be really good at this, others will not. And that is OK. I know for myself, that I begrudge no man his riches that he has earned legally. They are his and no one has a RIGHT to them. That is why there is a Commandment that says “Thou shalt not steal.” We do not have a right to other people’s goods and so we cannot take them either by our own hand or by the hand of the government or the IRS.

We note further that as this great country has gotten rich, it has not gotten selfish, but more generous. When something bad happens around the world, we are always the first to step up and help. We do more charity work than any other country, perhaps most countries combined. We have one of the lowest poverty rates in the world. Why? Because we want and allow people to succeed.

It has only been since governmental interference with the New Deal, other welfare programs and governmental regulations that we have declined as a country. The number of poor has increased. The number of broken families has increased. Jobs have been shipped over seas. Businesses have been forced to downsize and automate. All this has been due to the selfish, unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship between government and people.

Those who are part of this liberal approach and mentality must resort to their violence and disrespect, as it is the last resort of the desperate. They are wrong, they are destroying this great nation and they know it. Their selfishness and greed prevents them from acknowledging and accepting it though. They must use violence and disrespect to silence the conservative as it hurts too much for them to hear the truth. Hearing the truth means they will have to change and take responsibility for their own lives and to stop blaming others for their own bad decisions to be laze, greedy and selfish.


P.S. I have to say that the conservatives do not have everything right either. But they are a whole lot closer to the biblical and Christian understanding of what is right, moral and just.

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