What Did the Pope Say Or Fail to Say?


I have had several questions about the Popes statement on homosexuality. I guess here we go again. The Church failing to be the Church, too worried about being PC and being liked then they are about the salvation of souls.

Let us look at the problem more closely because in one sense it depended on what the Pope was talking about and in another, it was just a bad statement no matter what the Pope was talking about.

So, to refresh our memories, there are three points we always want to keep in mind when talking about homosexuality.

  1. No matter what ones orientation is, like any sin or weakness one may have, they are God’s children and so are loved by God and are, likewise, deserving our love and respect (love neighbor as self).
  2. The orientation of homosexuality, that is the attraction itself is evil and contrary to the natural law as established by God. It is defined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2358 as being “objectively disordered.” In other words, the attraction, even if not acted on, is disordered & contrary to God’s law. It is still an evil.
  3. The actions of homosexuality are defined in #2357 as being “intrinsically disordered.” The same paragraph reminds us that Sacred Scripture tells us that the acts are “acts of grave depravity…under no circumstances can they be approved.”

These are the official teachings of the Church. To the best of my knowledge, they are all de fide. This means they are “of the faith.” They are part of the doctrine of the Church that are infallibly true and cannot be changed, even by a Pope.

As to Pope Francis, what did he say? We can forget the context in which he says this. It does not matter for modernists, liberals and the homosexual community will only point out the one line. When asked about homosexuality, he said, “Who am I to judge?”

Let us answer the question: You are the Pope. You are the Vicar of Christ. It is your ministry, your life and your JOB to speak the truth about God’s law. We judge not as man judges, but as God judges. We must as leaders tell people what is what and hold them accountable. Not to punish, demean or humiliate, but because salvation is at steak. Scripture is clear in 1 Cor 6:9-10 when it says that homosexuals (along with many other types of sinners) will not inherit the kingdom of God. This is Scripture and it is God’s judgment, not mans. As Pope, as bishops, as priests, as God fearing people, it is our duty to proclaim God’s judgment for the salvation of all. It is not our duty to Judge and say one is going to heaven or hell. That is God’s job, not mans. But it is our job to see the actions of others, to see them in moral jeopardy and to tell them God’s law without ambiguity. You are called as we are all called to judge like an official at a sporting event. We watch the game and point out the infractions, errors and offenses against the rules of the game. Pope Francis, you in particular as Vicar of Christ, are called to judge in the sense that you are to be the qualified and competent authority to give more than just an opinion, but to present the TRUTH on matters of Faith and Morals. If you fail to judge, then the Church will be powerless to teach. And the result will be that we will not be able to bring salvation to souls.

When I have been asked about what the Pope said, I told them this: They will use the line against us. It was not a week and I heard the first liberal do so. He said on FOX News, “Even the Pope of the Catholic Church said ‘who am I to Judge?’.” No matte what the Pope intended by the line, he left the Church vulnerable to evil.

All Pope Francis had to do was to teach the truth that was already the doctrine of the Church and to do so with out condemning and we would have been fine. But no, he had to be the “Man of the People” as he is being called rather than a “Man of God.” He lowered the dignity of himself and the Papacy by his answer. “Who am I to Judge?” You are the Pope, that’s who. What a stupid and inconsiderate statement to faithful Catholics everywhere. We look to the Pope to make judgments. If he, the Vicar of Christ cannot do it, then pray tell, who can?

I do not even need to go into the actual context of the statement to determine weather he was talking about judging homosexuals as God will (heaven or hell), or their intention as far as being sorry or repentant for being or having been a homosexual or just judging the acts themselves (the easiest to judge). The line was not helpful to the situation we are in today. No Pope should ever say, “Who am I to judge?”

As to the context of the statement as it pertains to having homosexual priests, I believe the Church already has spoken. Homosexuals may not be priests. I have dealt with many homosexuals in the seminary and in the priesthood. Let me say that I understand this rule and agree fully. I am far from being prideful and would never say that I am without faults. I have many faults. Priests are human and will have them. But homosexuality is among the biggest of faults. It is even listed as one of the sins that “cry out to heaven.”

I believe, rather, as I think it was Cardinal George who reaffirmed the Churches ban on homosexuals from being priest, but went further to say that if a man should do as the church teaches, become chaste (successfully integrate his sexuality), that is, he becomes heterosexual again and so be rightly ordered, then that man could become a priest.

The problem is this; homosexuality is part of your core being. One even says, “I am a homosexual.” This is different from sinning from time to time where one might say that I stole something, or I lied about something. It happens. They do not say that they are a thief or a liar as if it is their identity. They had a slip and they go a long time before they slip again. These are the sins that most of us experience.

To be a priest, one must be of a sound moral character. This kind of person will still sin from time to time, but they are still a pillar, a good person, and upstanding person and free from any major moral disorders. A priest must be of this sound moral character because he is altar Christus (another Christ.) The priest represents Christ and so must refrain from being too worldly especially in the sense of sin. With this standard, one might say that the only person who is or ever has been worth to be a priest was Mary, the Mother of Jesus. I cannot agree more. But Christ choose men, imperfect men, but not disordered men to represent Him.

Like any person, homosexuals have the right to reform themselves and to become saints, but no saint is a homosexual. We must allow the homosexual to have the same opportunity to convert and to be saved like anyone else (St. Augustan for example). We love them like anyone else. And so we judge them according to the same law that we apply to ourselves, our loved ones (family and friends) and to every stranger. That law is the Law of God. We are all accountable to hold this standard, but no one more so than the Pope.

Pope Francis, JUDGE !!! Anyone who listens to you will one day thank you.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have held me to the standard and helped to make me the man I am today. While it was never and is never a pleasure to be judged at the time, in the end, I am better for it. Thank you and please do not stop. I am not a finished product yet either.

Note to all you modernist out their who might want to try to corrupt me, I only respond to judgments according to God’s law, not yours. So yes I agree, I am harsh, rigid, cruel, insensitive and uncaring by mans judgment. OH!! But God smiles upon me and is saying, well done, good and faithful servant, you have been a valiant, fierce and faithful warrior and have won many souls for me.

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