My Coat of Arms


  • The Cross with a crown recognizes that Jesus is our Lord and Savior.
  • The M recognizes Mary and her role as mother in our spiritual life. The M is in the background behind the cross to recognize her humility. The Crown over the M recognizes her as our Queen. The crown is the same style as the one over the cross to recognize that all royalty (like ours) shares in Jesus’ royalty.
  • The hammer recognizes St. Joseph the Worker, a special saint to me and my family.
  • The sword recognizes that I am a soldier for Christ. It points down to remember that we are talking about a spiritual combat.
  • The flame recognizes the passion and zeal that is necessary in the spiritual life.
  • The flame crosses over the sword to recognize the tempering (strengthening) and purification that is necessary in the spiritual life.
  • The hat and single tassel on either side is the Church’s symbol to recognize the priesthood.