Public Ministry

My primary role is being a hermit for the Diocese of Lansing. This means I spend most if not all my free time at my hermitage called Saintly Acres. My rule of Life, as it has been approved by Bishop Boyea (Bishop of the Diocese of Lansing) assigns me to a small parish and allows for some public ministry to do conferences and retreats.

The following are current ministries:

  • Chaplain to St. Gregory the Great Community: This is a small community dedicated to the Traditional Latin Mass and other sacraments, rites, devotions, prayers and customs as they were before 1962. Being a small community, they do not take much time from my solitude as a hermit.
  • Spiritual Assistant to a Third Order Carmelite community in Saline MI: I have been with them from their beginning in 2002. It was actually this group and other members of the 3rd order of Carmelites from other communities that put me on the road to perfection as Jesus calls us. What they have taught me has been a big part of my becoming a hermit. Being with this Carmelite community each month is like a little retreat for me.
  • I am also available to give a few conferences and retreats each year: This allows me to take what I am doing and learning as a hermit out to the faithful to¬† help them in their spiritual life and to help them toward perfection. I you would like to invite me to be a speaker or to lead a retreat for your parish, group or conference, please feel free to invite me. For more information click on INVITE.