Church is Out of Business


With two simple yet devastating comments, the Pope puts the Church out of business.

The Church has a two-fold mission. We are to give glory to God and bring aid to the salvation of souls. To do this, the Church confines her area of expertise to Faith and Morals.

As to morals, the Pope has said “Who am I to judge?”

As to Faith, the pope has said “You do not need to believe in God.”

Now that the Church, by the mouth of her supreme leader, has said that we cannot judge and you do not need to believe, what is left for her to exist?

The very foundation upon which we were established by God is now crumbling. As we strive to teach on matters of faith and morals, people will simply laugh at us and say, “But your Pope says….” With this, they win every argument. The very fabric of our ability to speak with certainty and authority is now in taters.

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