Everything is Religious



Many are now saying that we need to keep religion out of politics. Bishops even tell priests not to speak about political issues because we could lose our 501c3 – tax exempt status. There is a huge problem in this. Everything is religious. Everything touches our Faith and our values. Everything is the work of the Church.


Ask yourself:

  • Is homosexuality a political issue or a moral issue? It is a moral issue that some have made into a political issue.
  • Is abortion a political issue or a moral issue? It is a moral issue that some have made into a political issue.
  • Is contraception a political issue or a moral issue? It is a moral issue that some have made into a political and medical issue.
  • Is running a hospital, school, orphanage, or outreach program a political issue or a moral issue? They are moral issues that some have made into political issues. Remember the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. We are to feed the hungry, cloth the necked, visit the sick, and instruct the ignorant to name only a few. We are also to care for the widow and the orphan. These are all Church teachings that come to us from God. Nothing political about them. With outreach programs we see further that it is the work of local individuals, churches, and charitable organizations to do charity to care for people, not the government. Charity is given from the heart, not from taxation.
  • Is taxation a moral issue or a political issue? It is a moral issue. Christ talked about it. We are to give what we should to the government for the services we need, but when the government takes more than it should, especially to do what is not moral, is to “deprive a man of his just wage.” This is defined as one of the sins that cry out to heaven for justice.
  • Is using taxes and Authority of government for things that our Faith disagrees with a moral issue or a political issue? It is a moral issue. Remember, it is a point of faith that we cannot participate in another’s sin. There are nine ways we can do this. They are by participating directly in the sin with another, by example, by knowingly providing the means (tax money) to commit the evil, by order or command (legislation), by advising them to do it, by praising them or others who do it and so coax them to do it more, by approving or consent (legislation), by not disclosing or not hindering them when we have an obligation to do so and by protecting the evil-doer (legislation that exempts a person from the consequences of doing what is wrong, like government officials who do wrong but are protected because they are government officials)
  • Is correcting society and government when they are in error a moral issue or a political issue? It is a moral issue. Again, one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy is to admonish the sinner, instruct the ignorant, and counsel the doubtful.


These are only a few items of concern and all of them are first and foremost a religious issue. People make them into political issues and then try to silence us. Remember that it is the job of the Church to speak on matters of Faith and morals. This is our right and our duty. The idea of separation of Church and State does not trump this right. The separation clause is there to protect the Church so she can exorcise her right. It only means that the government may not dictate to us the faith. It does not prevent us from imposing our Faith on the government and it’s laws and policies.


To stop us from imposing our Faith, the government says if you want to be tax-exempt church, you cannot speak on political issues. They try to tie our hands. In fact they have succeeded. Most bishops refuse to speak the truths of our Faith for fear that they will be forced to pay taxes if they do.


How has this played out in the recent times?


The Bishops said nothing about the teachings and promises of Obama when he ran for president. The result? Many Catholics voted for him and he became president. The man was actively and adamantly pro-abortion. Any catholic that voted for him is excommunicated. The Bishops in their silence did not have the care of souls in mind as much as they had the care of their wallet. This is true because the opposing party had an actively and adamantly pro-life candidate. If they were both pro-abortion, then we would have no choice and have to vote for the lesser of two evils, but we had a real choice and the bishops did not speak on what we believe.


Next, Obama put forth his socialist medical care program. The Church teaches that socialism is an intrinsic evil. It is never a good thing. The Church also teaches that all persons should have access to health care. This teaching was said, but they never said that socialized heath care is evil and not to be tolerated. Instead, they stepped aside and let the government take over the health care system.


Now that the government is in charge of health care system, they say that Church organizations are to provide contraception in their health insurance for employees. The Bishops finally speak out and say “NO!” Why now? I do not know. I am happy that they finally have the guts to speak out on something, but it is too late. They are crying about the baby that they gladly let out with the bathwater. They need to make up their mind. Either the government is in charge of health care issues or the individual is. Which is it? By Church teaching the answer is the individual is in charge of their health care.


It is also Church teaching that Capitalism is a fine system of doing business. They do offer the caution against greed and the needless oppression of the poor, but other than that, it is a fine system. I say “fine system” because there is no such thing as a perfect system so long as human beings are involved. With this teaching, along with the teaching that the individual is in charge of their health care, the government should stay out of it.


We may not be able to change laws that go against our Faith, but we are not obliged to participate in those laws. Example: Abortion is currently legal. Because it is legal, people will choose to murder their babies. We might never be able to stop this or change the law. This does not mean that the government has the right to take our money and give to others so that they can do what we would not want our money used for. That is forcing us to provide for something that we believe is immoral even if it is legal. It is a violation of our Faith. Note: we are not stopping people from exorcizing the laws on the books. We are only saying that if you want to murder your baby, you pay for it with your own money, not ours. Though it is your legal right to have an abortion, it is not our duty to provide it to you. If you need help to pay for the murder of your child, then find someone who is sympathetic to your cause and have them pay for it. There is no shortage of people who seem to believe that you should have the abortion, ask them, I am sure they will open their wallet to you. Just know that if you come to me, the answer is no.


The same is true for health care. You have the right to have access to health care. There is no right to other people’s money so you can receive it. One may choose to do charity and help you, but it is not to be required by law. That is socialism.


Let us pray for our Bishops and priests, that they will have the religious and fervent courage to stand up and lead all Catholics to the truth of Faith and morals that they may in turn do well in their faith filled patriotic voting practices.


If we do not do this, we are doomed to another religion, secular humanism. It is a godless faith in man that follows the rule of popular culture or the rule of the elite. When they say we are forcing our religion on them when we speak, what are they doing when they speak? That some say it is offensive when you speak of God, Faith and morals is just as offensive to others when they say we are not to speak of God, Faith and morals. Atheist and agnostics are pushing their religion on us by forcing us to not speak of God.


Is Obama right when he says that this is no longer a Christian nation? I hope not. This nation will have a predominate religion no matter what. The question is which one will it be? Christianity or secular humanism? Which faith do you want to live under? Then make a choice, a good choice. After all, only one can truly give life.

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