The squeaky wheel gets the grease


The squeaky wheel gets the grease

One of the troubles we are facing that is taking away our God and Constitutionally given rights is the big mouth liberal modernists who have as their goal the silencing of God. This includes groups like ACLU, Planned Parenthood, environmental tree hugging wackos, and so many others. They have money and they have people who stay the coarse with them. The have no principals so they blindly follow any idea so long that it stifles Christianity.

They need to do this because they are modernist. They do not want to exercise self restraint or self denial. They want to have fullness of life, as they call it, unrestrained pleasure, gratification, of every craving, natural and unnatural. They do not like “organized religion,” as they call it, because it would restrain these things according to reason and the natural and divine law.

They get the support of people by promising and providing license to all kinds of evil lusts and by providing them money and services. This is what we now call the “nanny state” because people are dependent on and even enslaved to social entitlement programs. The liberal groups have purchased their freedom and command their vote.

They have bought the voice of the people and have become the proverbial squeaky wheel. They are noisily and so get the attention they need to get their way. They get the grease.

The normal people, the main stream people who go to work and live decent lives according to the faith make no noise. They simply look at these others as nuts. Well how nuts are they? They get their way in pretty much everything. They bide their time, wait us out, wear us down until we are too tied to fight or sick of fighting. They wait until they can get their person in office or at the bench. They get social backing as if truth is like a democracy. They stand together and stand strong.

In the mean time we play by the rules and try to play nice like we are in kindergarten or something. This is not kindergarten. This is war and we are losing.

It is no longer time to be nice and polite. For everything there is a season, and if I recall my scripture correctly, it say there is a time for war. It is time to get in their faces and pigeon hole them as socialist, atheist, secular humanist, hedonists, and other names that are not a compliment.

We need to be the squeaky wheel. We can not just sit back and hope truth prevails. We must organize just as strongly and even stronger then the ACLU. We must be a force in this world. A force that stands up for God and the reign of Jesus Christ as King.

For those wondering if this has anything to do with getting holy, they answer is yes. The goal of getting holy is to grow close to the mind and will of God and live it out in our daily lives for love of God and love of neighbor. We see it in the lives of the saints. They did not get holy in a vacuum. They got holy by living in the world and facing it’s challenges. Many of them challenged the world, the government, social immorality, evils within their order and even challenged the Pope when he was in error.

Yes, getting holy is messy business. So start and end everyday with prayer. Keep God central to your life and let Him guide you in your actions in the world. Do not think God is a pacifists. Remember all the times He fought along side the Jewish nation. He will do the same for us if we are faithful. Remember again, when the Jewish nation was not faithful, God did not fight with them and they lost. It will be the same for us if we are not faithful.

With this, I am not saying go out there and organize and be a squeaky wheel. That is what the modernist do. I am saying to organize under the great banner of God and squeak as He would have you squeak.

The difference that keeps us justified is that they build a world according to man’s perversion, we build a world according to God’s glory.

Now go forth and squeak!
Squeak like you have never squeaked before!
Squeak as the mouth of God, being the prophets He calls you to be.
Squeak loudly, for the word is distracted by their own perversion.
Squeak, but squeak for the glory of God and the salvation of man.

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