What to do in Syria?


I was asked about the Syria problem. I am no expert and I am nowhere near competent to look at the Middle Eastern problems. So what I say here as it pertains to the history and the nature of the people is subject to error. As always I will look at the question from a spiritual point of view and not a political one.

Important points to keep in mind as we start.

  • This is an internal problem to the country between the people and the government.
  • Both sides are evil and so we cannot really take a side.
  • Syria to the best of my knowledge never signed the Geneva Convention and so is not subject to it and therefor broke no international law.

We must recognize the autonomy of ever country the same as we want other countries to recognize ours. To not do so, leave the gate open for countries to interfere with the internal workings of others. In fact, the US and other countries have been interfering with other countries for many years now and it needs to stop. With this I can say that the US is not completely innocent in the 9/11 attack. We had been messing with the Middle East and they struck back.

While we must recognize and respect the autonomy of every county, there is also a certain duty of every county to monitor the others for crimes to humanity. This does not mean the right to attack a country if they do commit crimes against humanity. Rather, it means that we take appropriate actions against them. I believe that they are called sanctions. They include everything from no importing from or exporting to the county. It means freezing bank accounts and other such paralyzing actions. It also means that bordering countries need to be ready to take in refugees.

What is a crime against humanity in this case. Somewhere, somehow the UN has decided that to kill with chemical weapons is some magical red line not to be crossed. That somehow to kill thousands of people with bullets, bombs, starvation, torcher, and many other ways is acceptable (still horrible, but acceptable) but to kill with chemicals is just not acceptable. Who makes up these crazy rules. Killing your own people for whatever reason is a horrible thing. Even if it is due to political struggles.

It is the obligation of the government to control the masses (i.e. to prevent anarchy). It is not the place of government to kill the people over political matters. In fact, the Church teaches that the people have the right to rebel against government at some point (not to be defined here) and even to take up arms to do it if necessary.

In any case, who is any government to march in on another accept for the protection of its OWN people. These are not our people. And worse yet, it matters not which side we are talking about, I cannot side with them, they are both evil.

It has gone without saying that for all this mutual respect for autonomy between countries, it requires that we must be dealing with a civilized people. The Middle East (a lot of it, I am speaking in generalities here) despite all its culture is not civil. Sure, there are many who are educated. Education does not mean civilized. Look at Hitler. I am certain that he was an intelligent man, but I also know him to be a brutal uncivilized man. A country can have all kinds of social manors such as the use of a knife, fork and napkin, but that does not mean civilized either. We are talking about a country who places no value on human dignity or life. They cut off the hands of thieves and mutilate their daughter. Women have no rights and are treated horribly. They persecute people of other faiths and force them to convert by the sword, die or be enslaved (some get off easy and only have to pay an infidel tax). NO! This is not civilized.

Again, neither side is innocent. They are all Muslims and so guilty of crimes against humanity with their uncivilized culture and laws. Because Muslim is a religion of violence and intolerance, I understand that we will not be able to negotiate with them. Diplomacy will not work with the uncivilized. To finally attack them now for doing something that they have been doing for centuries (killing) seems a bit trivial in light of the reason why Obama wants to go in. Is the use of chemical weapons even a real issue in light of their history of killing?

The bigger question for me is this. If Obama is unable to be a moral voice in the United States, how can he be moral voice in the world? He is guilty of crimes far more serious than what happened in Syria. He promotes abortion, homosexuality, socialism and fascism. How many babies have we killed here in America? OH! But not by chemical weapons. OH! Really? What of those who were killed by a saline solution? Killed by a chemical called salt. Tiny, little, innocent, human babies, basically pickled to death. This is war at its worst, the war on babies.

Homosexuality, a hideous infection in society. It is called the sin of sodomy for a reason and it’s evilness is referenced in Sacred Scripture many times. Look at the result of Greece and Rome. They turned to homosexuality and it was not long until both of them lost power. Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. Unfortunately, Obama wants to destroy America and so he is more than all for sodomy as he knows the result. God will withdraw His grace from us and we will fall with Greece and Rome. This sin is a crime against humanity also. This crime deprives the world of children and spreads disease. It breeds selfishness and self-indulgence that destroys culture. It destroys the meaning and sanctity of family that is the building block of society. It’s perversion is un surpassed by any other evil I can think of. Hence Sodom and Gomorra had to be destroyed. We will be too if the likes of Obama have their way.

Socialism, fascism, dictatorship, warlord… Whatever the type, deprives people of their dignity. People are not free to work hard and reap the rewards of their labors. Others take it from them, depriving them of their just wage, a sin that cries out to heaven. They are forms of slavery, another sin that cries out to heaven. They kill the human spirit and deprive them of meaning and purpose in life. Let us hear the words of Galatians 6:4 “But let each one test his own work, and then his reason to boast will be in himself alone and not in his neighbor. For each man will have to bear his own lead.” We recall the other great scripture verse, “Let those who do not work not eat.” Each man must find his dignity and his success in himself. These terrifying, unjust and immoral forms of government deprive the individual of dignity as found in his achievements. These forms of governments punish achievement and oppress the individual to conform unto the dictates of government and are in fact property of the government, slaves.

Yes, I find a greater than Syria here. I find an Obama. I find a Democratic party. These evils scare me far more than any threat from Syria. One of the concerns in determining if a killing in self-defense is legit is the question of imminent danger. They ask, did you believe that your life was in imminent danger. If you cannot say yes, you are toast. Should Obama be held to the same standard before he goes to kill people under the guise that it is in our national interest? Obama has made it clear, this is not war, this is just an attack (killing to make a point). Since when has the taking of life ever been a civilized or acceptable form of making a point? This reasoning scares me and makes me feel as if I am in danger. In fact, I find my life to be in greater danger by Obama than I do by Syria. Obama already refers to people like myself as radical, religious, right wing, gun-toting conservative (I am sure that I missed a few adjective). He considers me, like many others to be a threat against his liberal agenda. Will he want to make his “point” to us also? He will not do so directly. He will use things like his death panel. If he does, he will be just as guilty as he claims Syria to be.

In the end, to sum up, what possible moral point can we make if we are not moral here at home first?

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