Woman’s Health Issue



Health is an important thing. No one wants to not be healthy. No one wants to have sickness or disease. No one really wants to face death and dying.


Health is a universal issue. It applies to all. Not just to woman or just to men. Not to one race or another. This is true even though some sickness and disease is more apt or even exclusive to one groping or another.


How is it that contraception is a health issue. It is not like cancer. One cannot say, “Cancer, I do not want you,” and it goes away. Contraception has to do with pregnancy. We know what causes pregnancy. Further still, we can stop pregnancy with a simple word, “NO.”


Forget what has just been said and assume that contraception really is a health issue for women. The question is why is this issue more important than others. Why should she have access to free contraception and the man with prostate cancer have to pay for his medications? Is this not a MAN’S HEALTH ISSUE !!! It is far more an issue, because he cannot stop it with a simple no like woman can with so called “pregnancy problems.”


The reality is that sex is a life style. If you choose it, I or the church or anyone else cannot stop you, but you take responsibility for it yourself.

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