Young People Are More Informed Than Older People?

Young People Are More Informed Than Older People?

Cortez, what a socialist pieces of work she is. But personal feelings and view points set aside let us look at her latest statement today. I just saw on the news that she thinks that young people are more informed than older people. On the surface, I might agree. They are certainly more plugged into the social media and so know what people are saying and doing. At least in the sense that they see a lot of pictures and read or hear a lot of short snippets. That is, after all, all their minds can handle. They have been trained by the media to not have an attention span of more than a few seconds. They need to be bombarded with sharp, pointed and concise, though vague, information. So in the sense that they see and hear a lot, I agree they are more informed that the older generation who are not as plugged into the social media as they are.

That is the end of my agreement with Cortez. She seems to think that having the down low on the immediate fad like what’s-what, who’s who, what am I to think today mentality is equivalent to deep, well though out, intellectually honest and rational understanding of what we know.

Everything for the younger generation is about an emotional response, and not a rational one. Emotions are good, but they need to be under the guidance of reason or they run amuck and can ultimately cause harm.

According to Cortez, part of this informed generation is that they are also more sensitive and caring and more open and accepting. It may be better to say that they are more emotional and permissive. If it feels good, do it. They think that this is loving, but it is not. Think about it, a child wants to touch a hot stove so you let them do it. It is, after all, what they want. Just let them be happy and let them express themselves. The fact is, we know the harm of what is going to happen and so it would not be loving to let them do it. How is it loving to let people harm themselves?

The child sees the pretty red light on the stove. This is all the information the child has (red and pretty). The child has no understanding of what the pretty red glow means and what it can do to them. The child just knows that it wants to touch pretty red on stove.

Knowledge and understanding are two very different things. Knowledge is the having of information in ones mind. Intellect is the ability to process information to come up with understanding of the information. Is the information good or bad, complete or incomplete, relevant or not relevant, and so forth. The intellect brings in other information to evaluate what is being processed. Information learned else where, from history, lived experience, personal insights, dialogue with others on the matter and so forth again. It then uses logic to process all this and come to reasonable conclusions (understanding, truth, right, wrong, and so forth).

Let us look at another example. Like the child who wants to touch the hot stove who only knows pretty and red, there are people who want to be sodomites. They will call it homosexual, but that is because they do not understand. All they know is that it is the in thing today to be gay. It makes you hip, and different. They do not see the undercurrent of rebellion, hate, disorderedness, perversion, societal destruction, disease, psychological dysfunction, unnatural, inhuman, and other things that make up sodomy. All they are looking at is, I’m expressing myself and it feels good. I also personally believe that part of it is that they do know and understand (faultily) that it is a way to stick it to the man or to their parents or to authority of any kind. It is to break away form old-fashioned, out dated, male dominated (white man in particular), sexist, racist ideas.

They have no idea that they are only hurting themselves. But that is not true either. They are hurting their families, communities, and society. They are corrupting our government and legal system. And so much more. Too much to go into here.

I will use another example. The teenager is in love. The parents try to tell their child to slow down, you are moving to fast. The teenager gets angry and says you don’t understand anything. Oh, how much the parents do understand. They were there once too. And when they were there, they thought their parents did not understand anything either. It is a vicious cycle. It is not that the parents do not know and understand that their teenager has feelings, deep intense feeling. They do. But what the parents also have is an understanding of those feelings and what they can lead to. The feelings are still new to the teenager. They do not know how to control them, understand them, or use them properly. They do not know where they are going in life and if this is the right person for them. They do not even know what they want in a spouse or what makes a good spouse. All they know is “WOOOOOOOOW !!!! this feeling is good!” It is a good feeling. We have all had it. With understanding we come to learn that the feeling that we thought was LOVE, turns out to have only been infatuation. Infatuation is not a bad thing. In fact, it is part of growing up. As adults we know that and so want to give proper guidance to our children so they do not make choices that may hurt them.

Unfortunately, growing older does not always gain one understanding or wisdom. We just need to look to the likes of the Bernie Sanders of the world. Here is a man who is old enough, he should have enough life experience and knowledge to know socialism is an Evil. I expect it from Cortez. She is young and ignorant like the teenager in love. She knows only a little and cannot recognize the difference between love and infatuation nor between knowledge and understanding.

She is infatuated with socialism, because she does not understand it. Like the child who sees the pretty red glowing light on the stove, she does not understand that she will get burned. And worse yet, she will burn the rest of us with her if she has her way.

Now why I wright this is not to be yet another political piece, but as I always do, to be another religious piece. We can learn from the world of how not to live our lives. Let us not live like ignorant, selfish, little twits who think they know so much. But let us remember the old saying “the more you know, the more you know you do not know.” Cortez is so impressed with what she thinks she knows, that she is blinded by what she does not know. Many Catholics are this way. They think themselves enlighten and so they no longer need the old ways, the old rules, the old… (it is all bad and suffocating). They prefer the ways of the world that is informed and permissive but deprived of all understanding. The wisdom of the past is dead to them. That is only to their shame as they will find that God is not as informed, enlightened or as permissive as they are.

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