All Americans Should Have Skin in the Game



What does it mean to have “skin in the game?” It means that you are personally invested and that you have something to lose if the game goes bad.


Now think of the number of people in the US who do not pay any Federal Income Tax. Many numbers have been given for this group. I have heard numbers from 40% to 47%. I will split the difference and just call them the 45%’ers.


The 45% pay no tax and so have no “skin in the game.” What do they care if their policies or their votes raise the Federal Income Tax? They pay zero now and will continue to pay zero. It does not affect them.


In fact, what we are talking about is still worse. Not only will the 45%’ers not pay tax, they will actually receive money or benefits from the US Government at the expense of the 55%’ers.


So YES! They vote and community organizers get them out to vote and some vote more than once (illegal by the way). After all, they have no skin in the game. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. All that is happening here is that the 45%’ers are voting their selves a share of the public coffers. It becomes just another form of extortion, theft, bullying, terrorism, fascism and socialism. One group (45%’ers) vote to say that you (big government with the power to imprison) take their (55%’ers) money and give it to us (45%’ers) in the form of welfare, Medicare, Obamacare, Obamaphone, and other services.


Think about it! Either we pay the taxes that go toward the lazy slug and toward things we religiously disagree with like abortion or we go to jail. The IRS who supposedly can trounce on our rights will come and arrest us. They are the bullies and thugs. The politicians are the snobs at the top who give license and power to the IRS. They do not care about the citizens. They only care about their life of power, money and leisure. For that they placate to the 45%’ers who are easily bought off. The 55%’ers are oppressed. The 45%’ers willingly cooperate because they have no skin in the game. What they do not realize is they are selling themselves and the rest of us into slavery. At some point there will not be enough money for the government and so they will take our freedoms once and for all and we will all become slaves or serfs to the powerful elites. So everyone, get ready to say “Yes, Master Obama.”


How is this Christian? It is not! We should all feel the pinch of our policies and votes. This is one of many reasons why small government was envisioned by the founding fathers. They had already experienced the tyranny of government and wanted to protect themselves and all future generations. It was not envisioned that lawmakers should have special rights like their own healthcare system. It is things like this that set up the foundation of a two class system.


A fair and Christian system is one where we all have skin in the game. A new tax system needs to be envisioned and implemented where all pay and all feel the hurt of our policies right in the wallet where it counts. None of this “but I am on a fixed income,” “but I am poor,” “but I fought for the country,” but, but, but. But nothing. Every generation (except the children at the time of this writing), every class of citizen, every faith, every career, every person has contributed to the problems we are in today. For this reason, none have a right to say “but not me” when it comes to putting skin in the game.


The only way to fix the problem is when no one benefits from the system to the detriment of another, when no one has special rights or special privileges or special advantages. I am referring only to the governmental system here and not the social system. If a person works hard they may or may not get ahead, but in either case, it cannot be due to any governmental influence, pro or con. In the social sphere we are only guaranteed the right to try, not the right to succeed.


When it comes to those who need help, who are poor or challenged, Americans have always had big hearts. We do not need the government to tell us how to do charity. Charity comes from the heart, not from taxes.


We all need to have skin in the game and not to be skinned.

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