Delay of the Mandate?

Delay of the Mandate?

As you already know, I believe Obama to be an Antichrist. So it is my pastoral duty to let my people know where and how the devil is working in their lives so that they can protect themselves and get holy in the face of adversity.

Whatever the real reason for the delay of the mandate, we know one thing is true. It is self-serving. It is to benefit Obama and his scheme. In particular we know that it is a way to soften the negative effects of Obama Care as we go into the 2014 elections.

We know this also; we hear from the liberals that Obama Care is the law of the land and that we must just accept it. They say that Obama Care is the exact medicine that this country needs. They have forced this medicine down our throats and we are gaging from it’s vial taste. What is worse is that we suffer through the horrid medicine that we are forced to take at the same time we know that it is poison; it is not going to make us better but only worse.

Contrast that with what Obama is doing. They say that it is the law of the land and that we just have to accept it, but when it is inconvenient for them and their agenda, they get to take it with a spoon full of sugar. You know the saying, “A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

Why do they get to take the medicine with a spoon full of sugar and we have to suffer from it’s hideous taste? OH! That’s right. He is the president as he has so often reminded us. He has the power. And that is all it is to him – POWER, power over us. He is the new master of the new slavery. We are his slaves. He decides what is his and what he will graciously allow us to have for the time being until he decides differently. Your color doesn’t matter, in his mind, he owns you.

As the Master, he has the power and he will wield it to his liking. And there you have it, the delay of the mandate.

My recommendation is that you pray, pray and then pray some more. Pray that God may change his heart of stone. Pray that God will drive from Obama the devil that is in him. Pray that God will be able to save America in spite of her many flaws (contraception, abortion, no fault divorce, and homosexuality, better called for what it really is, SODOMY). Pray that God will change the hearts of Muslims (as Obama is one at least in spirit) and their violent, intolerant and hateful doctrine and practices.

More than prayer, we need to put prayer into action. Scripture says that Faith without works is dead. That is exactly where the death panels will have you if you have faith. It is a virtue to be involved in politics, so long as we direct our votes and policies according to faith. Do not let them tell you that you cannot mingle faith and politics. They are doing it and they are winning. Their religion can be summed up as satanic. It is secular humanism, hedonism, socialism, fascism and many other “ism’s” that are ugly, sinful and contrary to the will of God. They have no problem forcing us to swallow their religion. The question is, are we going to swallow? Are we the fish on their hook? As I recall, Jesus said that we would be the “fisher’s of men.” How many have you caught? Have you gone fishing lately? Forget that the worms are slimy and it is gross putting it on the hook. Take the Faith, put it on the hook and fish. If we do not, we will starve for Obama is not a generous Master. Fortunately, God is very generous.

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