Equal Representation


I was listening to Laura Ingraham this morning on the radio. On her show she had a young man who was complaining about there not being equal representation in government. What did he consider equal? He said that there were not enough woman and people of color. That it was mostly rich white guys in Washington. Because of these issues, there was no diversity of thought and just the same old ideas being thrown around.

Let us ask a question. When we are looking at what government is supposed to be about, what do different groups (based on color, nationality, age, and sex) of people need? What does artificial grouping A of Americans need that artificial grouping B of Americans do not? Why does this artificial grouping A need some kind of special voice or representation in government that artificial grouping B does not?

Let us answer this. They need: protection from enemies foreign and domestic (police & military), fire and ambulance, common currency, regulation of airways, airwaves, waterways, and migratory animals, laws regulating fair business, laws regulating safe food and medicines, infrastructure for roads, water, electricity, pipelines, railroads, phone lines, and cable TV and internets lines… (I might have missed an item or two.)

The interesting thing about this list is that we all need all these things no matter what artificial grouping we claim. It is good government to act in all these areas. The question comes, if we all need these things, does it matter what color, race, sex… you are when legislating on these matters? What does any artificial grouping need in any of these matters that another grouping does not? If the answer is nothing as I believe it to be, then all we need in government is good, smart, reasonable people who have only the good of America in mind when making laws. If we have this then what does their race, color… matter? It doesn’t! Equal representation means that the needs of the AMERICAN PEOPLE, no matter what type of group you subscribe to, is placed ahead of any private agenda politicians or group may have.

If anyone is able to do this, put America and her people first, then why the talk of special artificial groupings of people being needed in government so that we can have equal representation? The answer comes from the list of matters we all need government to look after for us that I gave earlier. The list I gave is those things that we ALL need government to do and are within legitimate government authority.

When we start talking about these artificial groupings of people, we are no longer talking about America or the American people. We are talking about groups of people who want things from the government to take care of them and to HELL with everyone else. They do not care if it hurts others or restricts their rights so long as their biased needs are met.

What these artificial groupings want is special rights, social engineering and entitlements at the cost of everyone else. This is not within the legitimate authority of government. But they believe that if they have the numbers and the cultural influence, then they can force their agenda on everyone else. This comes down to mob rule, extortion, thugs and other such things to force their will on everyone else. It has nothing to do with what is good for America or the American people. It is only about what is good for them.

This thinking leads to “equal representation.” What it really means is that we need to get more people in office who will push our agenda and get us what we want. We need to become a majority artificial group in government so we can force by LAW our will on America. Note they do not want to create law that is FOR America but ON America.

By using sugar (PC) language like “equal representation,” which sounds reasonable, what they are doing is anything but reasonable. It is nothing more than yet one more setup to catch people and bully them into submission. If you are against equal representation then you are a racist, bigot, sexist homophobe. No, I am just American. It is not about any artificial sub grouping. It is about us, we, our and the great nation, the United States of America. Note we are the UNITED States of America. We are not the INDIVIDUAL Groups of America. We are one and we need to think as one. We focus on America and what is best for her.

I have been using the term artificial groupings because these groups artificially impose on government concerns that are not within the governments legitimate purview. Just because government can make a law, does not mean that government has the right to make a law. The only reason they can make illicit laws is because they also control the police and other agencies that can enforce penalties on the people. An example is funding for abortion. Either I pay my taxes that fund this evil or I go to prison where I will be paired up with bubba in a small cell. Not a real choice now is it?

In the end, we citizens of the United States of America need not concern ourselves with race, color, sex, age… of a candidate for government. All we need concern ourselves with is weather the candidate will put America first, follow the Constitution and treat all citizens equally without concern for the artificial sub groups. This is equal representation.

Again, I note that this article like all my articles, is not a political statement, but a presentation on matters happening in our time from the perspective of the Catholic Faith so that we may know and live our faith. Teachings on Faith and Morals is always the right of the Church even if the issues being taught have political implications.

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