The Church is a Real Force in the World




The Catholic Bishops speak out and Obama backs down. It seems that we will not have to provide contraception. This is now the word of his most benevolent Barack Insane Obama.


The real news is that after so much silence and fear by the US Bishops, they speak and they win. We are a real force in the world. I am not suggesting that we abuse this power, but use it according to our God and Constitutionally given right.


We are called by God to build the Kingdom of God on earth.


We are called by the Constitution to speak freely.


This right is protected for both people and institutions. While I dislike lobbying because of it’s unfair influence on governmental laws and policies, I believe further that if it is the right of some institutions then it is the right of all institutions. This includes the Catholic Church.


Just because the Church is tax-exempt, does not mean that the government has the right to silence her. This is not the reason for tax-exempt status and is an abuse and form of discrimination against the Church. This is true, because there are tax-exempt organizations that are political and still tax exempt and still influence government. The only difference is that we are a church. I believe that the constitution says you cannot discriminate based on religion.


This said, Bishops, please speak the truths of our Faith. Reach out to your people and give them guidance in their political life. Politics are an extension of Faith and not Faith an extension of politics. Please put the care of souls as the most important task you have as Chief Sheppard of the Diocese. No more politics, only what is right, good, true and beautiful should be our goal as the Church as we reach out to give guidance to the world.


We see the great harm of what silence gets us: Clergy abusing children, Obama as president, socialism and secular humanism and so much more.


We need to pray for our Bishops, that they may have great courage to do the right before God and man. After all, the Church exists only for two things: 1) Give glory to God; 2) Bring salvation to souls. If we are not about these two things then we are in the wrong.

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