The compromise is still a problem.


Bigger than the Bishops are admitting to yet.



It is true. The Bishops spoke out and Obama backed down. But it is only true in that Obama had to change the way he wanted provide contraception. The contraception is still being provided. Now what does this mean to the Church and what do the bishops need to do about it?


The burden has shifted from the Church directly paying premiums to provide contraception to their employees to the health insurance companies having to pay for it. We all know what this really means. Contraception still costs the health insurance company money. For them to provide the service will require them to buy the contraception. They need the money to buy the contraception. They will not take the money out of their profits. Therefore they will raise the premiums. Who pays the premiums? The Church.


The effect is that the Church will still pay for the contraception, but indirectly rather than directly. This is a victory in some ways and I will give the bishops credit where credit is due. They finally stood up for what is right and I want encourage more of that courage from them.


The problem still remains in that we are providing the insurance company the funds they need to provide the contraception. The new policy of Obama is really a distinction without a difference. We are still paying for contraception in either case.


The only way we can keep from providing the funds for contraception is to stop buying insurance. But if we stop buying insurance, Obama will impose his fine on us through Obama-care and monies will still go to contraception and worse things still, like direct abortion.


This is the problem – The government is giving money to individuals, businesses, organizations and other social causes. This is not the job of the government. We know that politicians are buying votes with our hard earned money. It is a violation of my constitutional and God given rights. If I want my money to go to certain individuals, to certain companies, to certain organizations or other social causes, then I will give them my money. It is up to the individual to determine who and what cause or business adventure is worthy of their money. It is not the role of the government. This is social justice and it is a point of Faith.


We are concerned with the right of the Church to not have to violate it’s faith, but what about the individual? When we pay our taxes, we know that money is being given to things like Planned Parenthood. We are therefore knowingly providing the funds for abortion, for the murder of innocent little babies, tinny little human beings. We know we have to pay the taxes or go to prison where we will meet Buba who will make us his newest girl friend. It is this fear of meeting buba that keeps most men honest, but it is this same fear that will force a man to violate his religious belief and pay the tax for abortion.


We need the bishops to empower us to stand up, take on the government and change laws and policies so that we do not have to violate our faith and morals at either the Church or individual level.


We see that the Church is a force that can influence the Government. We need to use this, as the Constitution allows it, to make the changes necessary to protect our faith and morals. This is not our imposing anything on the government. The constitution already acknowledges that our religious convictions are not to be violated by the government. The problem is that the government is violating the Constitution and imposing on us what we will do with our monies, weather we like it or not.


Some will and do say that the Church has no right to impose her faith on others. These are the same people who have no problem with forcing their human secularism on us. Who have no problem with forcing us to provide abortion and contraception against our will. The fact is, the Church has every right to make the needs and desires of Catholics know to the government like any lobby or union. They want to force their values on us, then we have the right to force our values on them. In a democracy, it is about who can bring the troops together. The question is, will the Bishops gather the troops if they want a real win and victory?


Again, let us pray for our bishops that they will speak the truth of what we believe, that they will stop playing politics that cannot be won. Rather, let them stand with the full force, the full power and the full impact of the Church against the evil that would be imposed on us. If the politicians want the vote of a Catholic, then let them cooperate with us and stop violating what we believe.


Catholics – Stand strong. Be faithful. Do not compromise. After all, Jesus did not compromise why should we have to. We may have to tolerate evil for a while, but only until we have the troops organized and ready to stand and fight.


Bishops – Gather the troops and empower them, embolden them, lead them and guide them. Be the shepherds God calls you to be. Be filled with zeal for the salvation of souls and for giving God glory by building the kingdom of God on earth.

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