Courageous Catholics, Priests, Bishops, Schools Where Are You!

By Fr. Jeffrey Robideau

The V-Monologue is scheduled to play at Siena Heights University in Adrian, MI this April 19-20, 2013. This is a disgusting play with no Christian value. So why is it playing at a so-called Catholic college?

This is what I hear through the grapevine. And I quote except where indicated, “ Sister Peg Albert, O.P., having received [the concerns of the Bishop, called him and] explained how this came about. While this will not be stopped at this time, she is putting into place a process to make sure that this does not occur in the future.”

The play is bad enough that people in charge are making “plans” to make sure it does not happen again. Wait!!! What do you mean “again?” It has not happened yet. It can still be stopped and yet they are not going too stop it. Is it bad or not?

As the Catholic Church and as Catholic Universities it is our moral duty to not expose our people or to let occur on our properties any thing that is immoral or that could corrupt the hearts and minds of people or that could harm good and legitimate social and cultural values. And yet this play is going to be allowed to happen.

Let me look at another example. When I was stationed at another parish, I heard that the Catholic High School was going to have a hypnotist put on a show at the school. I called the chaplain of the school to make sure he understood the Churches official teaching on hypnotism, that it is not to be used by Catholics except in the most rare and controlled circumstances. And even then it is frond upon. The chaplain said he would look into it. He called me back to say that this has been done many times and that it is already paid and so it was going to happen. He furthered explained that there were adults around to make sure no one got hurt.

With this perverted philosophy, then it must follow that it is fine for teens to have sex too, as long as an adult supervises it to make sure no one “gets hurt.”

The main concern for the school was that they were going to loose their deposit – It was already paid for. I am sure that the students were looking forward to it also and so the teachers did not want to disappoint them. The right, moral and Catholic course of action should have been this. They should have canceled the event and used it as an opportunity to teach true Christian courage in the face of the world. They could have told the students that they understood the disappointment but that as Catholics we must do the right thing. In fact we believe this to the extent that we are taking the hit of losing our money in order to do the right thing. This was a great teaching opportunity that was lost. But worse. It did teach something. As long as you have money invested, it is fine to sin. Yea! Catholic High School! You really did a number there didn’t you.

The same is true with this V-Monologue situation. It is a time for the school to do the right thing and to stop it and use it as a teaching opportunity. Take your hit and do the Catholic thing. It is OK to make mistakes, but it is not OK to correct them.

This is what I assume happened, with my sarcasm included. The Art-si fart-si department which is probably full of liberals, femi-nazis, homosexuals and modernist scheduled the V-Monologue play. They did this without the knowledge or consent of the administration. This happens all the time. The administration does not micromanage the individual departments, but trusts its department heads. Knowing what I do about this particular school, I do not believe that they really have a problem with the play or agree in any way that it is bad. In fact, I think they probably support it. But any way, the administration found out about the play and got complaints. They talked to the art department to find out what is going on. The play was already scheduled, adverting has already went out, money has already been spent and received… It is too late to cancel it now. So the administration, to placate the “narrow minded, conservative, right wing, religious fruit nut, rabble-rousers”, they say, yes your right, should not have scheduled this but it is too late this time so please forgive us as we will put procedures and policies into place that will stop this from happening in the future. But in fact, nothing will be done.

Good thing for them that I am not bishop. If they put that play on after I told them not to, I would pull their Catholic status so fast it would make their head spin. Now that is a bishop I could respect.

This story follows the same problem that we had at Notre Dame. They invited that antichrist Obama to speak at the graduation. The bishop told them no, but they did it anyway. They are so bad at that college that they even had priest arrested at the protest. There were brave men, priests, who have given their life to protect souls, and that so-called Catholic college had them arrested. They said it was too late to do the right thing. We cannot say no to the president now. Blah, blah, blah… In the end, they need to admit is as much as Siena Heights and that High School need to – They are not Catholic and do not care about being Catholic except to the extent that the Catholic name brings them money.

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