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Our Diocese is having a Eucharistic procession down a major street in Lansing in September. It will be a few mile procession over to East Lansing. I know the obvious joke, from the frying pan into the fire. Not much good you can say about going from the politics of Lansing to the perversions of East lasing. Enough said.


In light of the sodomite scandals of the church being in the news again, the diocese is afraid that many will not want to participate in this procession. One of the bureaucrats at the diocesan office sent a letter to all the priests asking that they still basically promote it.


It was a milk toast piece at best, so I wrote back this:


Dear (I will be respectful and withhold his name),


I am responding to your email this past Friday (8-24-2018).


From the tone of your letter, I do not believe that you have a full understanding of this crisis in the Church.


I was in particular, amused by the “We” in the “We have begun conversations about how we in the diocese can proactively respond to the crisis.” Conversation – really? This situation is not new and has been a situation for more than a half-century. We are just now entering into conversation? I already know the conversation you will have and it is not about fully recognizing or dealing with the situation. Rather you will play the Public Relations (PR) game and water it down, and place the burden on the people; they need to pray more and to hold on to their faith in these difficult times. It is after all only the fault of a few bad men and not a problem with the church itself.


What is needed at this point is not conversation. What is needed is for the bishop to go to his official cathedra (chair) in the cathedral with microphone in hand and pronounce “ENOUGH!” He must firmly and without ambiguity define the evil that has taken place about the sodomite subculture in the church and the plot to destroy the Church by many groups including the KGB, Masons, sodomite community and feminist community. That they have infiltrated the Church and worked as a force in the church to place sodomites and modernists in all the major positions of the church for her destruction.


Having defined the source of the problem, he then needs to speak in no uncertain terms again about the evil of sodomy, that it is nothing less than a perversion and a desecration of sexuality and the dignity of marriage and family. That it is a blight on society, bringing it down and demoralizing all the good God fearing people who have been so unjustly marginalized and criticized as being homophobic. The root of sodomy is the orientation itself which is an evil and irrational belief that sodomy is in any way acceptable by God, that it can be morally good and that it is an acceptable and genuine expression of love.


Chastity must then be defined as not the refraining of the sodomite behavior or its inclination, but as the Catechism says it is, the proper development of sexuality in the form of heterosexuality and lived properly according to ones state in life.


These sodomites and modernists who have scandalously entered into the clerical state by use of lies and collusion, have done and continue to do all they can to destroy holy Mother Church, in particular by destroying the innocence of those Jesus says it is better to have a millstone tied around your neck and thrown into the lake than to harm one of these, my little ones.


Then, having defined the problem, he needs to publicly denounce all the cardinals, bishops and priests and the Pope himself who has declared the zero-tolerance policy, that they need to resign or be removed from office. They then have the option of being defrocked (laicized) or go to a monastery to never be seen again and to spend their life in prayer and penance for their crimes they have committed against God and man.


This would be justice. Justice is what the victims deserve. They cannot heal while these men who perpetrated the crimes against them still hold their positions of power over them and the church.


You see, I did not have to have conversations to say this, but then again, my hands are clean. Those with unclean hands would not say these things for it would be used against them and they too would be forced out from their position of power, money and influence.


The bishops can say all they want that they cannot do anything about it; That only the Pope can remove a bishop. The reality is they can force him out through proper peer pressure. They can ignore them, marginalize them, remove them from their roles in the USCCB, publicly humiliate them, publicly call for their resignation, turn evidence over to police and so many other things. They are not helpless. They just have to have the moral courage to do it.


If we really want to be courageous, we can place an appropriate blame on the people as well and call them to go to confession for their sins in all this. So many of them have berried their heads in the sand and refused to acknowledge what they knew to be true. We have know this since forever. I remember the jokes about the priest and the altar boy in the sacristy from as far back as the 1980’s. I have spoken out about it all along and it is even a part of why I got kicked out of the seminary in Cincinnati. I have heard the “you are rigid” and the “you do not know all the facts,” and so many other things. I wonder if I will hear the “OH! You were right?” We need to call the laity on the sin of being an accessory to another’s sin through concealment and silence. The cowardice and complacency of the modernist lay person has indeed contributed to the overall problem.


Having dealt with the clergy and the laity, we can then clean up this mess and let the victims heal.


And having done this, we can march down the street with our heads held high.


How is that for a conversation?



God Bless,




Fr. Jeffrey Robideau

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